H & I Committee Meeting Minutes:

January 14, 2014

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E-mail us at: naboulder.handi.sec@gmail.com

Boulder’s Hospitals & Institution

What We Do

The Boulder Area H&I Subcommittee is a group of service members of Narcotics Anonymous (NA), which exists for the purpose of carrying the NA recovery message to addicts in hospitals, recovery houses, prisons, and related lockdown facilities. H&I members are governed by the general rules of the facilities in which we operate.

Service members are forever conscience that our H&I subcommittee exists to share the NA message, our experience, strength and hope in accordance with our Fifth Tradition which states that we have, “but one primary purpose, to carry the message to the addict who still suffers.”

The subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Boulder Area Service Committee (BASC) and we maintain effective communication and complete accountability to the BASC.

Regular H&I subcommittee business meetings are held on the second Saturday of every other month or the Saturday following the BASC meeting date.

A full report of the H & I Guidlines can be found here.

What You Need to Know

Clean Time Requirements

  • No clean time required to attend subcommittee meetings
  • 3 months clean time required to attend meetings and 6 months clean time required to speak on panels (outside of jails)
  • Centennial Peaks Hospital (CPH)- 3 months clean time to attend and 6 months to share. CPH requires a background check, and signing a facility agreement.  Members must not have been a patient at the hospital for two years.

  • Boulder County Jail- 2 years off paper and 1 year clean
  • Jail requires members to attend orientation and fill out volunteer application, which includes a background check.
  • Adams County Jail- 2 years off paper and 1 year clean to share, 6 months to attend
  • Jail requires members to attend orientation and provide a social security number and driver’s license number for a background check.


Where You Can Serve

Adams County Jail
150 North 19th Avenue
Brighton, CO 80601


Centennial Peaks Hospital (CPH)
Open Meeting-starts July 21, 2012
2255 S 88th St
Louisville, CO 80027

Boulder Community Treatment Center (BCTC)
1770 21st Street
Boulder, CO 80302

When at the End of the Road
3180 Airport Road (Addictions Recovery Center- ARC)
Boulder, CO 80304


Adams County Jail– 3rd Sunday at 7:30pm
Boulder County Jail– Every other Wednesday at 5:30pm


Adams County Jail– 3rd Sunday at 7:30pm
Boulder County Jail– 4th Sunday of the month at 6pm


BCTC- Saturday at 7:00pm
ARC- Wednesday at 7:00pm

Boulder Area of Hospitals and Institutions (H & I) Do’s and Don’ts of H & I Service:


  • Do Remember that this is a “we” program. No addict should feel that he/ she is being preached to.
  • Do Remember that an addict is an addict, regardless of age.
  • Do Tell them that there is fun in recovery, i.e., social events, fellowship, etc.
  • Do Acknowledge and validate their feelings and emotions.
  • Do Make directories of outside meetings available to residents.
  • Do Clarify the facility’s rules with anyone you bring in.
  • Do Start and end on time!
  • Do Briefly explain what H&I is.
  • Do Make it clear that NA is separate and distinct from the facility as well as other fellowships.
  • Do Try to get residents involved, especially those in long-term facilities (i.e. literature person, coffee maker, readings, etc.)
  • Do Obey all dress codes. Exercise common sense and dress appropriately.
  • Do Keep staff aware of your whereabouts at all times.
  • Do Stamp all literature you bring into a facility with the local helpline number.
  • Do Screen all panel members carefully, especially regarding the clean time or other requirements.


  • Don’t Glorify your past.
  • Don’t Say, “I feel like I’m talking to my kids.”
  • Don’t Compare your bottom to theirs.
  • Don’t Patronize adolescents.
  • Don’t Use profanity.
  • Don’t Break another person’s anonymity, or tell his or her story.
  • Don’t Debate any issues involving facility rules or regulations.
  • Don’t Get involved in discussions on outside issues; remember why we are there.
  • Don’t While sharing; put too much focus on what it was like. They already know.
  • Don’t Debate which drugs are acceptable. NA is a program of complete abstinence from all drugs.
  • Don’t Discuss conditions within the facility, or opinions about staff members.
  • Don’t Carry excessive cash, or wear expensive or flashy jewelry.
  • Don’t Show favoritism to any resident(s).
  • Don’t Take messages in or out of the facility.
  • Don’t Give out contact information for you or anyone else.
  • Don’t Carry in any contraband items, such as cigarettes (if applicable) or weapons.
  • Don’t mention any specifics about your higher power, (it keeps the NA message clear)

Remember at all times that you have a responsibility to the facility, to the residents, and to NA. If you observe the above suggestions, and follow the Twelve Traditions, you will uphold your responsibilities to all three.

H & I Do’s and Don’ts (PDF)